Artistic Project

It's a research between the finite and the infinite, reality and imagination. My images draw from the inception of life and into sparkle of death, a dream of nightmares turning in a nightmare dreaming to give a life to a new unprejudiced reality. I try to freeze my subjects in their historical non-moment in order to perceive their spirits and, at the same time, to create enough distance for the subject to be quietly and respectfully observed.


My name is Andrea Curti

Andrea Curti was born in Sicily (Italy) in 1989, lives and works in Berlin (DE). She has a bachelor degree in Painting from the Accademia di Belle Arti of Palermo with the artist Alessandro Bazan. In the year 2014 she moved in Florida (US )for a collaboration with the artist Jean Minuchin for the exhibitions “Modern Mystics” show at World & Eye, Fat Willage Art Walk in Fort Lauderdal,FL (USA). In the year 2016 she moving in Berlin (DE) where she works as Freelance Visual Artist: Painter and Life Drawing Model for the Volkshochschule, art schools and artist’s atelier.

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